Print our meeting schedule as a booklet at home.

Our meeting schedule has been updated to pull meetings from our website so that we can easily sync data and produce more accurate schedule more often while reducing dual data entry.

This PDF can now be printed at home withour a trip to the Intergroup office.  The directions below explain that process.

Step 1:

Make sure you have a PDF reader loaded on your computer. We suggest Adobe PDF Reader which is free.

Link to download:

Note: Make sure to de-select the the additional options offer and extensions as these are not needed to use the product. See image below.

Step 2:

After installing Adobe Reader, open our Meeting Schedule.

Step 3:

Choose the File –> Print  Or hit CTRL+P

Step 4:

  • Select your Printer (It must support Duplex Printing)
  • Choose Booklet in the Page Sizing & Handling section.
  • Both sidesas the Booklet subset type (should be the default)
  • Confirm the preview looks like a booklet

Step 5:

Click Print and enjoy the convenience printing your own meeting schedules without leaving the house.